Psychology of bonuses: how to attract and retain players

In the IGaming industry, players can receive bonuses and other incentive gifts from operators on a daily basis. However, do customers really value bonus offers that much? The answer is not as clear-cut as it seems at first glance. The experts of b2b-platform Uplatform told us how to offer customers really valuable bonuses, attract and retain the audience with the help of effective promos.

Providing customers with favorable offers is an important and potentially lucrative strategy. However, it is wrong to assume that players enjoy and value bonuses only because operators develop and offer a wide range of promos.

Bonuses cannot be called a one-size-fits-all solution that is guaranteed to engage and interest players. There are always promotions that do not carry any benefit to the audience. However, if used correctly, bonuses can be an effective way to attract, engage and retain customers. way to attract, engage and retain customers.

During the creation, renovation phase of an online casino or betting office, bonus offers are an effective tool for attracting new audiences and retaining existing ones. This is confirmed by Merkle research. According to the company's experts, 60% of credit card holders like instant rewards. At the same time, the same study in another region showed even higher results. According to additional data, up to 75% of cardholders may participate in instant rewards schemes.

Theory and scientific evidence

To understand the psychology of bonuses, it is crucial to explore how consumers' decision-making processes are influenced by psychological and physiological factors. Krajbic and Rangel's study provides valuable insights into binary decision-making and the role of attention in evaluating options. Through the attention dispersion model (aDDM), researchers demonstrate how individuals assess the value of different options and tend to favor the choice that aligns with their preferences. This research sheds light on the complex dynamics behind decision-making and the factors that shape our perception of value.

In basic terms, the human brain instinctively directs its utmost attention towards what it deems valuable. This principle extends to bonuses within the realm of gambling. Consequently, it is crucial to promote promotions in a manner that highlights their positive value to ensure they capture the audience's attention. By crafting enticing bonus offers, there is a higher likelihood of sustaining audience engagement for prolonged periods compared to conventional promotional initiatives.

Merkle's study on credit cardholder behavior further substantiates this notion. Personalized rewards serve as an effective means for companies to captivate individuals' attention. According to Merkle's findings, 34% of credit cardholders exhibit a preference for personalized rewards, while a significant 60% desire the ability to select their preferred offers from a range of available options.

Based on this data, it is recommended to create bonuses that capture the interest of the average consumer and offer a range of supplementary choices while incorporating a level of personalization. Traditional business approaches are gradually diminishing in significance, as today's impact is driven by the provision of valuable personalized offers at an individual level.

How to maximize the effect of bonuses

Uplatform's robust analytical tools have the potential to make a profound impact when utilized effectively. This comprehensive set of tools empowers businesses to gather extensive player insights, enabling informed decision-making to drive towards their objectives. Armed with high-quality data, businesses can readily access the information required to craft and execute customer-centric strategies, ensuring a tailored approach that meets the unique needs of their clientele.

For companies looking to improve customer acquisition and retention in the gaming market, Uplatform offers expert advice at A team of professionals will work with you to develop strategic solutions that will create a valuable gaming experience, increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

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